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There is an ever present need for up to date advertising and the need to keep public attention focused on what is being offered, yet the cost of doing this has resulted in a general down grading of the most important and effective tool being largely set aside in preference for the more inefficient methods of advertising that don't get anywhere near the same return. A yard with 50 cars has approximately 40 square meters of free advertising space available on the vehicle windscreens, but only uses about 2.8 square meters of that. In other words 93% of the space available is not used at all. Admittedly some of the space available is not prime advertising, but it all counts and could be a very lucrative advertising area if used with purpose. There are messages that have been used and now get little response. Innovation is key then cost. A yard that is the same month after month has lost its impact, it has all been seen before. This is serious for any management, yet what can be done about it? Budget restrictions disallow most inventive ideas so the smallest cheapest run of the mill advertising ticket is the most used image to advertise a vehicle that is supposed to be good value. Such tickets are used in supermarkets to get rid of old stock. This is not the image a dealership can afford to portray. Years ago Autosigns recognised this need and set out to make available the best possible banners suitable for the auto sales industry. Quality and Innovation had its cost and the answer to this is what is known as Autosigns Library. A comparison of what is currently used shows the real value of what Autosignz offers:

Competition adhesive tickets: To put a price of the vehicle we need 6 tickets in a row, total size approximately 400x140mm costing about $2.45, then perhaps another ticket to say 'Automatic.' for .66 cents and 3 stars for $1.98 that's a total of $5.09 plus. All attached with semi-permanent adhesive and might just be reusable if you're very careful, and will probably need binoculars to read it if you're driving past Its likely that you will have purchased a kit also so you are locked in too continue with the pre-determined messages that someone thought up years ago. All this will make your yard about as appealing as the yard down the road.

It's time to break free:
Autosigns alternative:
A library banner 880x410mm, or about 6 times the advertising area than described above, guaranteed not to fade, can be used with ease many times and changed to any other banner in the library at no cost except freight. The cost $4.00 per month. You can upgrade your plan and have banners designed to your specifications and take advantage of our free graphic design facility. We will create banners with your logo and anything else you want to say. About 95% of Autosigns production is making corporate based banners. We encourage this as it is a quality presentation for the vehicle but perhaps more important, the company. Simply put. Quality company, quality vehicle, quality backup. We do not have an agreement to sign, our library customer’s stay on the basis of Innovation, price and service". Besides this we are in touch with the industry continually with new innovative ideas that can be utilised to assist every yard.

Autosignz Library means you can

If you don't need the advantages library offers then you can purchase our banners. They are guaranteed for one year but will last much longer, we have excellent ways to reduce the costs of corporate banners and are happy to design a plan to suit your budget.

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